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Karen Dwyer’s Journey With MS

MS to Success is run Karen Dywer, who has overcome MS. I am delighted you are interested in this fast-growing community of people living with MS or Multiple Sclerosis looking to thrive in their health, career/business, relationships and well being.

By being here, even just reading this sentence you have taken the first steps towards a more fulfilled and rewarding life.

The MS to Success programs invigorate people to find the magic in their lives and create the lives they really want and deserve. Together we are making the difference in how the disease is treated and it’s a contribution to the way people feel about themselves and their future.

These programs already facilitate a wider conversation with everyone affected by the disease and kick-starting a new wave of transformational treatment of autoimmune conditions.

MS to Success Roadmap

The Approach

MS to Success is built from real experiences. It is an authentic and genuine approach focused on helping others to achieve the same success in rebuilding their lives.

The Tools

As most of you know, we ran a 3 day FREE program to give you a teeny tiny taster of what the MS to Success Roadmap is like and the kind of insights you can get for yourself out of your participation.

I designed this program because I personally suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for several years and I know now that I never want to go back to those feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, dread and the isolation of my own debilitating thoughts. Not having the courage to really tell anyone how I was feeling for fear of being pitied or people looking down on me.

I tried everything I possibly could, and spent days, weeks, years, thousands of euros seeing what works and what I could do to improve how I was feeling.

I have tried all the diets, I have tried so many complimentary therapies and have spoken to experts all around the world. It was so interesting, but also exhausting!

I have collated all that worked for me to live MS symptom free and condensed it in such a way that it is fun to be a part of. It has practical, easy to follow tools & strategies, but that is not all that is included in the 90 day MS to Success Roadmap.

We can all read and take in information online, but it is a whole different ball game to put it into practice, right?

You have the opportunity to get coached personally by me weekly to really make this valuable and to make what you want in your life actually come to fruition.  We work closely on seeing what is possible for yourself and your life out of your participation in The MS to Success Roadmap.

Here’s some of what’s included in your MS to Success Roadmap;

  • Coaching sessions
  • Mindset workshops
  • Experts all around the world
  • Around the clock support
  • Private community of people where you can connect, share and have some FUN
  • Meditations
  • Nutritionists
  • Exercises specifically for MS
  • Complimentary therapies sessions, like EFT and many more
  • Access to questions and answers sessions with experts
  • Communications workshops (how to tell someone about your diagnosis, how to ask for support, how to set boundaries, how to verbalise your concerns)
  • Self care strategies
  • So much more

My intention is that you will be so enlivened by yourself, your energy, what’s possible for you that you will want everyone you will genuinely surprise yourself. I bet your friends and family will even notice a difference!

So as you know I gave away the 3 day program for FREE, not because I had to, I wanted to. I care deeply that people living with MS have support on how to manage our thoughts and emotions and to support people in their decisions about how they want to live their own life.

So now is the opportunity to bring forth the life you want and get empowered and supported every step of the way!

The Outlook

What MS to Success teaches is a way of life, an understanding of self and a positive outlook to negotiate both the internal mind and external world.   The process starts with you.

The next MS to Success Resest Program begins October 16th. Places are strictly limited.




Contact us at if you require more information.


Karen Dwyer is an empowerment coach, speaker and all round harbinger of happiness, success and personal achievement. In 2012 she would encounter the greatest challenge of her life when she was diagnosed with the incurable disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

Today Karen is MS symptom free.

Through her unique mindset, she specializes in supporting people with MS and is dedicated to using her own personal experience as a catalyst to help others to be ‘at ease’ with the disease. Karen is a multi-faceted talent which she applies to her teachings and is focused on encouraging MS sufferers not to be defined by their illness. Her first business venture was on a multi-million-pound scale and resulted in valuable life lessons both in business and in people.  She has also pioneered other successful ventures, including the single-handed revival of a flailing radio station and the introduction of Jimmy Choo shoes to Ireland. In 2017 she produced My Gratitude Attitude Journal which has garnered many followers and serves as a useful tool in Karen’s positive and life affirming approach to teaching people to be their most extraordinary self. Karen Dwyer is a personal masterclass in overcoming adversity, unravelling potential and shining light on those who only see dark. Her authenticity and warm, fun approach makes her stand out from her peers and leaves visitors truly inspired

“My joy comes from helping people to arrive at the point where they are less focused on their hardships and instead concentrating on their happiness and their goals for the future.  When they can see the value in the lesson; when they can learn to forgive; when they let go of their past and create the exciting future they want, embracing all challenges, my purpose is fulfilled. My mission is to get my clients to the point where they don’t need me anymore and they realise they have always had the power within themselves.”                   Karen Dwyer

When I first met Karen I was completely inspired by her tenacity, passion and zest for life. When she began coaching me it was extremely powerful as she challenged me to step out of an endless cycle of self sabotage and start taking real, tangible steps towards being my authentic self and living the life I want and deserve
Sarah Griffiths – Creator of Wheelie Momma 


Inspirational person with an amazing story. Karen can change your perception on things through her experiences.                        Jason Collins, Radio Presenter

I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work very closely with Karen. She is the real deal – smart, driven and passionate about what she does. I know MS to Success will be delivered at a very high standard because that is the only way Karen knows how to deliver her programs. A+                                                                                                                                                                              Dee Hutchinson, Course creator coach

Karen Dwyer

Founder, MS to Success.

Ready to Make a Change?

MS to Success is designed from the lived experience and knowledge of what a person living with MS goes through. It is a personal program of empowerment, guidance, expertise and coaching that will inspire people to value and thrive in life. The support you receive is not just about managing symptoms. It is there to bring a sense of purpose back and instil a will to overcome all the adversity MS throws at you.

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