Meditation & Wellness Group

Practice Self Care with Daily Meditations

We have an opportunity now to carve out our best possible self-care rituals to keep our body and mind strong and at ease.

I want to play my part in helping in any way I can.
I don’t know about you but there is something comforting about everyone going through the same thing at the same time. *I definitely don’t wish this to be happening at all by the way.
But there is a sense of togetherness in collectively fighting this disease.
To help us all feel stronger, connected, supported, I have set up a free Facebook group for 21 days starting on July 21st 2020.

Join us on a free 21 day Meditation through our Facebook Group

  • Live Meditations Daily
  • Self Care Best Practices and Tools
  • Beginning 21st July 2020
  • 8am each morning